Behavioral Health Solutions utilizes TxCOPE program to respond to the Texas overdose crisis


Pharr, TX — Behavioral Health Solutions (BHS) staff in South Texas is transforming into a vital community resource for reporting overdose incidents by using the newly developed digital reporting and surveillance system known as TxCOPE.

Led by the Addiction Research Institute at the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin, TxCOPE is a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to address the lack of accurate and timely overdose data by creating a statewide reporting system.

With a strong focus on inclusivity, the TxCOPE team has worked closely with community advisory boards and key stakeholders to understand the unique challenges and barriers in reporting overdose incidents. BHS aims to contribute to the comprehensive tracking of drug overdoses and improve interventions in the region.

“We are thrilled to be part of [TxCOPE] and to receive the necessary training to effectively utilize the database. Our staff is uniquely positioned to contribute to this important effort because of their close collaboration with the community and constant interaction with youth, parents, schools, and health care professionals,” said Violeta Davis, training and development director at BHS.

By equipping stakeholders with the skills and knowledge to use the digital platform, BHS aims to empower staff to collect and report overdose data accurately and efficiently. BHS staff will play a crucial role in not only reporting overdose incidents but also serving as a resource for individuals seeking support and connecting them to appropriate resources.

“The goal of TxCOPE is to have real-time data to drive action in our communities to fight the overdose public health emergency. This platform is safe, anonymous, and gives community programs critical information to target their prevention efforts,” said Dr. Kasey Claborn, Executive Director of TxCOPE and Director of the Addiction Research Institute at The University of Texas.

The integration of Behavioral Health Solutions into the reporting network is a significant step in contributing to data science resulting in comprehensive overdose data in South Texas. As the implementation protocol nears completion, BHS anticipates being a valuable community partner working alongside healthcare providers, first responders, and other stakeholders to combat the overdose crisis and improve prevention and response efforts.

The mission of Behavioral Health Solutions is to provide a multilevel approach inclusive of prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery to reduce substance abuse and related co-existing conditions in our communities, encourage healthier lifestyles related to at-risk public health behaviors, and promote stronger families.