TxCOPE was founded in 2019 with one goal – to focus on the community’s response to the opioid epidemic through data-driven science. Today, TxCope still holds true to that mission and has helped the local community respond more efficiently to targeted areas of crisis in Austin.

With our community and engagement team, TxCOPE has advocated for local policymakers and even the Texas legislature to respond to the current epidemic by making the app the first place to report and track opioid overdoses throughout Texas. Our on-campus student involvement has advocated for the UT community to report and respond to overdoses when they happen.


TxCOPE was created by community members for the community. Our local EMS and SUD (substance use disorder) providers were pivotal in questioning how we can change the system of overdose surveillance and created TxCope.

By using the app on your online and mobile devices you (anonymously) can report where, when, and how an overdose occurred. TxCOPE then uses that data to track where overdoses are occurring most, as well as the frequency of certain drugs and in turn, creates community-specific targeted plans of action so overdose prevention agencies can set up response efforts in those areas.

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“When we think of an epidemic we also think of a community response and that is not something that is just done by one provider, it’s done with multiple organizations.”
Frederick Courtois, Associate Director of Community Engagement, ARI

Tool for Prevention

A problem in prevention has been the lack of a cohesive database as different agencies only record data within their organization. By reporting overdoses on TxCOPE, overdose prevention organizations and first responders can predict and target outreach before an overdose takes place again. TxCOPE provides real-time data which in turn drives community action. 

Changing the Future

Our community and engagement team at ARI has reached out to over 60 organizations statewide advocating as well to the local Austin government all the way to the Texas legislature so that we can create a standard in overdose reporting and prevention. 

Local and statewide policy can change to better serve our communities through TxCOPE’s data-driven science and community participation. When we understand our responsibility to report overdoses, we can drive change in our local government. 

TxCOPE is about how resilient our communities are in responding to the overdose epidemic that is impacting us right now.

Our Team

Kasey Claborn, Ph.D. — Principal Investigator, Director, ARI

Frederic Courtois — MSW, Associate Director Division of Community Engagement, Associate Director of Community Outreach, ARI

Katherine “Niki” Garcia-Holmes — MA, Administrative Associate

Kyle Lozada — Senior Outreach Program Coordinator

Nataly Sauceda

Research Associate

Katie McCormick — Graduate Research Assistant

Maaz Amjad — Postdoctoral Fellow

Jake Samora — Research Associate

Mina Chitti — Research Associate

Kate Mahoney-McGuire — Communications and Marketing Manager

Hannah Bobker — TxCOPE Program Evaluator

Tianhong (Tony) Qiu — Technology Development Liaison

Courtney Chambers — Project Manager

Get Involved

TxCOPE is about how resilient our communities are in responding to the overdose epidemic that is impacting us right now.

If you’re interested in getting involved either through advocacy or volunteering, please click through the links below. We’re excited about the future of TxCOPE and the hope we can bring to the community across the state. 

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