South Southwest ATTC

South Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center

The Addition Research Institute is the home of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Region 6
South Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (SSW ATTC). The SSW ATTC is one of
ten regional technical assistance centers funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration (SAMHSA) to accelerate the implementation of evidence‐based and
promising addiction treatment and recovery‐oriented practices and services and increasing the
knowledge and skills of the workforce serving people with substance use and/or other
behavioral health challenges. The work of the SSW ATTC includes training, targeted and
intensive technical assistance at the state and community level across HHS Region 6, which
includes Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and regional indigenous
communities. As part of the SAMHSA Technology Transfer Center network, the SSW ATTC has
access to a wide range of researchers and experts in substance use and mental health
prevention, treatment and recovery at numerous universities and research institutions.

Serving Region 6 through Engagement and Practice

The University of Texas at Austin Addiction Research Institute has hosted the Region 6 South
Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (SSW ATTC) for thirty years, and this long
tenure has yielded an extensive network of regional and community stakeholders and addiction, treatment, and recovery educators, advocates, researchers, and consultants. These include:

  • Community‐based substance use prevention, treatment, and peer recovery
  • Local recovery‐oriented systems of care
  • State professional organizations for addiction professionals
  • Statewide peer recovery organizations
  • Colleges and universities that train addiction counselors and other behavioral health
  • Addiction and peer recovery certification entities
  • Individual leaders, workforce, and community representatives
  • Region 6 Single State Behavioral Health Agency leadership and staff
  • Representatives of tribal health boards and regional Indigenous communities
  • The South Southwest Prevention Technology Transfer Center, the South Southwest
    Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, the wider Technology Transfer Center
    networks, and SAMHSA Centers of Excellence
  • SAMHSA Regional and Assistant Administrators

Implementing effective practices for substance use disorder treatment and recovery services across Region 6.

  • Accelerate the adoption and implementation of evidence-based and promising addiction treatment and recovery-oriented practices and services;
  • Heighten the awareness, knowledge, and skills of the workforce that address the needs of people with substance use or other behavioral health disorders; and
  • Foster regional and national alliances among culturally diverse practitioners, researchers, policymakers, funders, and the recovery community.

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Maureen Nichols Director, SSW ATTC
Kasey Claborn Co-Director, SSW ATTC
Mary Cook — Senior Project Coordinator
Liz Flint — Senior Outreach Program Coordinator
Beth Hutton — Project Manager
Lori Mangrum — Research Scientist; Evaluator
James Green — Project Coordinator
Raynon McKee — Senior Administrative Program Coordinator
Kate Mahoney-McGuire — Communications and Marketing Manager